Ancore Sounds Retro Synthwave For REVEAL SOUND SPiRE
File Size : 12.8MB

We are pleased to introduce our new product "RETRO SYNTHWAVE". It is a completely new look at the sound of the 70s and 80s. We have created a truly revolutionary package that can inspire you over and over again, because by adding each preset, we tried to get as close to the legendary retro sound as possible, but at the same time to keep the relevance of today's sound.
Noisy Life Prod SynthetiX Vintage Bundle for XILS-4
File Size : 16.2MB

+ 307 Presets for XILS 4: 286 Synth Presets (2 banks), 21 Audio FX Presets (1 bank)
+ Classic vintage sounds and essential toolkit sounds
+ Great for any style of electronic music.
+ ALL presets with velocity sensitivity programmed
+ ALL presets with vertical & horizontal stick, and modulation wheel programmed
+ ALL presets with gain adjusted for easy and safe browsing
+ Includes manual with directions and tips for installation and use.
Touch Loops Lo-Fi House
File Size : 617.8 MB

Gritty, saturated and truly analogue. This incredible Lo-Fi House sample pack offers the most comprehensive collection of inspiring sounds you will ever need. Inspired by the works of Ross From Friends, DJ Seinfeld & DJ Boring, this incredible colleciton of processed house samples gives that instant 'out the box' feel that's perfect for those epic late night club moments.
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