Arturia Prophet V v3.3.0.1391 MacOSX
Arturia Prophet V v3.3.0.1391 MacOSX | 378 Mb

The Prophet 5 and Prophet VS set standards and redefined the modern synthesizer. We have brought these classics back to life for you. The Prophet 5 was the first totally programmable synthesizer on the market. This revolutionary synth became the basis for all other polysynths to this day.
Liquid Metal Biomaterials: Principles and Applications
Liquid Metal Biomaterials: Principles and Applications by Jing Liu
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 438 Pages | ISBN : 9811056064 | 34.33 MB

This is the first-ever book to illustrate the principles and applications of liquid metal biomaterials. Room-temperature liquid metal materials are rapidly emerging as next-generation functional materials that display many unconventional properties superior to those of conventional biomaterials. Their outstanding, unique versatility ("one material, diverse capabilities") opens many exciting opportunities for the medical sciences. The book reviews representative applications of liquid metal biomaterials from both therapeutic and diagnostic aspects. It also discusses related efforts to employ liquid metals to overcome today's biomedical challenges. It will provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the technical advances and fundamental discoveries on the frontier, and thus equip them to investigate and utilize liquid metal biomaterials to tackle various critical problems.
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