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Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.002-2019 Hotfix Only (x64)

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Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.002-2019 Hotfix Only (x64)
x64 | File Size: 2.49 GB
OrCAD/Allegro one of the best and most professional software simulation and analysis electronic circuits and electronic design automation software division (Electronic Design Automation or abbreviated EDA) is.OrCAD consists of two words that in fact the state of Oregon was the birthplace of early versions of the software and CAD stands for Computer-aided design and computer design means is formed. Cadence SPB OrCAD OrCAD PCB set to Allegro PCB or also known, including various programs to design schematic, simulation and analysis of electronic is circuits.
Facilities and software features of Cadence SPB OrCAD:
-suitable graphical user environments and display circuit using icons
-OrCAD Capture and Capture CIS schematic design circuits in powerful environment
-Ability to design PCB (Printed Circuit Board stands and means the board or PCB)
-has an extensive library full of components and electronic devices
-Advanced simulation and analysis electronic circuits in a graphical environment PSpice
-environment Orcad PCB Designer / Editor to design and edit PCB
-Ability to interact with MATLAB and Simulink software
System Requirements:
OS:Windows 10 (64-bit) Professional, including Dark Theme mode; Windows Server 2012 (All Service Packs); Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows Server 2016.
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 4.30 GHz or AMD Ryzen™ 7 4.30 GHz with at least 4 cores
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Space: 50 GB free disk space (SSD drive is recommended)
Display: 1920 x 1200 display resolution with true color (at least 32bit color)
GPU: A dedicated graphics card supporting OpenGL, minimum 2GB (with additional support for DX11 for 3D Canvas)
Monitors: Dual monitors (For physical design)
Supported MATLAB Version: R2019A-64Bit (For the PSpice-MATLAB interface)Whats New:
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.002-2019 Hotfix Only Release Notes:
-ADW DBEDITOR Adding a property to EDM root classification does not add to the child classifications
-ADW FLOW_MGR Cannot see any flow files to select in EDM flow manager
-ADW FLOW_MGR Message regarding error detected in the CPM file (FM-107) on opening or creating new project
-ADW FLOW_MGR Error on opening and creating new project (FM-107)
-ADW FLOW_MGR Opening ECAD designs throw bad configuration error after Java upgrade to 1.8.0_231.
-ADW FLOW_MGR ERROR (FM-107) on opening project
-ADW LIBDISTRIBUTI fetch_dump stops responding intermittently when using HTTP over high latency networks
-ADW LIBDISTRIBUTI Incomplete copy of principal.jar during lib_dist_client/fetch_dump.
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR CROSS_SECTION Cross-section chart 'Draw options' - 'Layer Gradient Draw'/'Background Gradient Draw' not working properly
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR CROSS_SECTION Release 17.4-2019: Color Draw - Gradients is not working in via list viewer
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFM DesignTrue mask to trace and mask to shape checking not performing correctly
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFM DesignTrue DFF annular ring fiducial to antipad checks not working.
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFM DesignTrue DFM: plated slot annular ring pad to mask checks inconsistent
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFM Thieving vias are treated as antenna vias in DesignTrue DFF copper features antenna via checks
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFM Design performance slow when DFF checks are turned on.
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Pad-Pad Direct Connect waived constraint reappears after DRC update
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Differential pair static phase is yellow, but nets are routed
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR DXF Compose Shape: Imported DXF shape broken into arcs
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Unwanted cline segment is added when neighboring cline is slided
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Cannot create unique via structure
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERFACES PDF Export contains extra page for bond wires
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Silkscreen is different for rounded rectangle pads and rectangular pads
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT 'Clear soldermask pad' option is not working in 'Auto Silkscreen'
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Autosilk bug causes WARNING(SPMHA1-36): Illegal LINE identifier -- while running a symbol update
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR MULTI_USER UDbidRange error in Symphony team design
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR MULTI_USER Changes are not updated for some users in a team in Symphony
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR MULTI_USER Symphony: Changes not saved with 'rejected by server' and 'Waiting for a UDbidRange' messages
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR MULTI_USER Symphony not writing back to the master
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR PAD_EDITOR Padstack Editor should be updated for Slot Hole to prevent Secondary Drill tab from being shown.
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT Quickplace fails to place components with the ALT_SYMBOL property
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR SCRIPTS Commands in two script files executed in the incorrect order
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR SCRIPTS Replay of script to set paper size in PDF OUT shows "Value for field is not legal"
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_FORMS Route Automatic form flicker when adding a new pass to Routing Passes tab
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_FORMS Visibility filters for pin numbers of chip-on-board wire bond die bump
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Memory leak and performance degradation opening 1000 .dra databases
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL PCB Editor slows down during opening of 1000 databases
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL When using Pop Mirror funckey, component jumps to origin in OrCAD PCB Designer
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Highlight command replaces assigned color output and Dehighlight does not get it back
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Allegro_html environment variable cross-probing behavior different in release 17.4-2019 than 17.2-2016
-ALLEGRO_EDITOR VALOR Release 17.4-2019: Cannot generate ODB++ output with the Expert Suite bundle licenses
-ALLEGRO_LIB_CRT CORE Variable DFA_DEV_CLASS is not being exported into the Allegro footprint
-APD EDIT_ETCH 'Route' - 'Slide' performs erratically when fillets are present where the cline sizes transition
-CAPTURE BACKANNOTATE Release 17.4-2019: Design Sync does not work on design with occurrence properties
-CAPTURE BACKANNOTATE Design Sync not working on hierarchical designs.
-CAPTURE BACKANNOTATE Unable to Design Sync Board to Schematic
-CAPTURE DRC Unable to delete DRC Markers in release 17.4-2019
-CAPTURE DRC 'Show DRC output' in DRC window does not remember NONE option
-CAPTURE DRC Cannot delete DRC-markers in schematic
-CAPTURE DRC Cannot remove DRC markers in the Design rule check GUI
-CAPTURE DRC Capture release 17.4-2019: Delete existing DRCs does not work
-CAPTURE NETLIST_ALLEG Differences shown in design sync dialog for a CM-enabled project even if schematic and board are in sync
-CAPTURE NETLIST_ALLEG Design Sync giving the same report even if the connection exist
-CONCEPT_HDL CORE DE-HDL crashes on renaming signal on an interface with a second tab with the symbol open
-CONCEPT_HDL CORE No architecture declaration in the source file message while doing Generate View for Hierarchical split symbol .
-CONCEPT_HDL CORE DE-HDL stops responding on Copy-Paste of properties from one instance to another
-CONCEPT_HDL CORE The database version tag '' is not updated for release 17.4-2019
-CONCEPT_HDL INTERFACE_DES DE-HDL crashes when drawing a wire to a netgroup
-CONCEPT_HDL OTHER DE-HDL menu related message not clear
-CONCEPT_HDL OTHER Launching Project Manager (projmgr.exe) takes time to get license from license server
-CONSTRAINT_MGR INTERACTIV Constraint Manager: region deleted even on clicking 'NO'
-CONSTRAINT_MGR OTHER Clicking on CSet link in Show Constraints form does not go to CSet in CM
-CONSTRAINT_MGR OTHER Relative prop delay values in 17.4-2019 do not show pin pairs on choosing Analyze from popup on the Match Group
-CONSTRAINT_MGR OTHER Constraint Manager crashes when clicking on the cell for the MAX_PARALLEL rule
-CONSTRAINT_MGR SCHEM_FTB Running Import Logic on an out-of-sync board does not bring in the constraints and connectivity
-CONSTRAINT_MGR UI_FORMS CSet names from the 'Value Filter' not sorted alphabetically
-CONSTRAINT_MGR UI_FORMS Re-launching CM does not retain the last state
-CONSTRAINT_MGR UI_FORMS UI issues with CM in release 17.4 - Expanded state of WS is not getting preserved on applying object filters.
-PSPICE ENVIRONMENT PSpice AA Topics are missing from Learning Resources for release 17.4-2019
-PSPICE NETLISTER Netlister not able to pass local parameter in specific case for complex hierarchical designs
-PULSE UNIFIED_SEARC 3D STEP models are not downloaded for some providers
-SCM NETLISTER Error (SPCOHD-198) regarding incorrect signal syntax on netlisting
-SIP_LAYOUT DIE_ABSTRACT_ SiP Layout uses 25GB memory for showing IC details and does not finish command for showing details
-SIP_LAYOUT INTERACTIVE Batch Layer Compare: cannot check quadrant against another symmetrical quadrant in same design using Mirror/Rotate
-SIP_LAYOUT ORBITIO_IF Support component height translation between OrbitIO and Allegro layout editor
-SIP_LAYOUT STREAM_IF Streaming out a design with embedded dual-sided symbol (eBar) causes inadvertent mirrored symbol in .sf file
-SIP_LAYOUT STREAM_IF Stream out causes crash
-SIP_LAYOUT WIREBOND Wire Bond push and shove tools not working in a constraint area.
-SYSTEM_CAPTURE CROSSPROBE Cross-probe from System Capture to Allegro PCB Editor loop back issues
-SYSTEM_CAPTURE EDIT_SEARCHRE Unable to edit a net name on canvas after modifying it using an external editor
-SYSTEM_CAPTURE EDIT_SEARCHRE Find Results: pop-up Edit menu does not appear for user property with NULL value
-SYSTEM_CAPTURE PROJECT_EXPLO Navigating signals from the Navigation viewer jumps to the project viewer
-SYSTEM_CAPTURE UI Incorrect message to resolve conflict during part packaging
-SYSTEM_CAPTURE UI Error message from the "Violation Window" does not resolve '%S'
-SYSTEM_CAPTURE WIRING Visible net properties are not getting moved with the circuit move
Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.002-2019 Hotfix Only (x64)

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