Ansys Optislang v7.4.0.55120 2019 (x64)

Ansys Optislang v7.4.0.55120 2019 (x64)

Ansys Optislang v7.4.0.55120 2019 (x64) | 569 MB

optiSLang automatically identifies the relevant input and output parameters and quantifies the forecast quality with the help of the Coefficient of Prognosis ( CoP) and the Metamodel of Optimal Prognosis (MOP). A predictable prognosis quality is the key to an efficient optimization. Thus, a "no run too much" philosophy can be implemented to minimize solver calls. As a consequence, even optimization tasks involving a large number of variables, scattering parameter as well as non-linear system behavior can be solved.
ANSYS optiSLang Win x64
Year / Date Release:2019
Developer:Dynardo GmbH
Tablet:Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD- SSQ)

System requirements:
-optiSLang Standalone Win 64-bit
-optiSLang ANSYS Win64 plugin>
-ANSYS 15.0-19.4 (2019R2) Win64
-optiSLang ANSYS plugin
-ANSYS 15.0-19.4

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