Mathematical Analysis I
Mathematical Analysis I By Claudio Canuto
English | PDF | 2008 | 435 Pages | ISBN : 8847008751 | 98.61 MB

The purpose of the volume is to provide a support for a first course in Mathematical Analysis, along the lines of the recent Programme Specifications for mathematical teaching in European universities. The contents are organised to appeal especially to Engineering, Physics and Computer Science students, all areas in which mathematical tools play a crucial role. Basic notions and methods of differential and integral calculus for functions of one real variable are presented in a manner that elicits critical reading and prompts a hands-on approach to concrete applications. The layout has a specifically-designed modular nature, allowing the instructor to make flexible didactical choices when planning an introductory lecture course. The book may in fact be employed at three levels of depth. At the elementary level the student is supposed to grasp the very essential ideas and familiarise with the corresponding key techniques. Proofs to the main results befit the intermediate level, together with several remarks and complementary notes enhancing the treatise.
The Arc of Faith-Based Initiatives: Religion's Changing Role in Welfare Service Provision
The Arc of Faith-Based Initiatives: Religion's Changing Role in Welfare Service Provision By John P. Bartkowski
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 220 Pages | ISBN : 3319906674 | 3.40 MB

This volume offers an in-depth examination of a diverse range of faith-based programs implemented in three different geographical locales: family support in rural Mississippi, transitional housing in Michigan, and addiction recovery in the Pacific Northwest (Washington-Oregon). Various types of religious service providers-faith-intensive and faith-related-are carefully examined, and secular organizations also serve as an illuminating point of comparison. Among other insights, this book reveals how the "three C's" of social service provision-programmatic content, organizational culture, and ecological context-all combine to shape the delivery of welfare services in the nonprofit world. This book warns against simplistic generalizations about faith-based organizations. Faith-based providers exhibit considerable diversity and, quite often, remarkable resilience in the face of challenging social circumstances. An appreciation of these nuances is critical as policies concerning faith-based organizations continue to evolve.
Intelligent Methods and Big Data in Industrial Applications
Intelligent Methods and Big Data in Industrial Applications By Robert Bembenik
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 (2019 Edition) | 370 Pages | ISBN : 3319776037 | 19.36 MB

The inspiration for this book came from the Industrial Session of the ISMIS 2017 Conference in Warsaw. It covers numerous applications of intelligent technologies in various branches of the industry. Intelligent computational methods and big data foster innovation and enable the industry to overcome technological limitations and explore the new frontiers. Therefore it is necessary for scientists and practitioners to cooperate and inspire each other, and use the latest research findings to create new designs and products. As such, the contributions cover solutions to the problems experienced by practitioners in the areas of artificial intelligence, complex systems, data mining, medical applications and bioinformatics, as well as multimedia- and text processing. Further, the book shows new directions for cooperation between science and industry and facilitates efficient transfer of knowledge in the area of intelligent information systems.
Gangs and Spirituality: Global Perspectives
Gangs and Spirituality: Global Perspectives By Ross Deuchar
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 275 Pages | ISBN : 3319788981 | 4.70 MB

This book examines the role of religion and spirituality in desistance from crime and disengagement from gangs. Drawing upon in-depth interviews with male gang members and offenders as well as insights gathered from pastors, chaplains, coaches and personal mentors, the testimonials span three continents, focusing on the USA, Scotland, Denmark and Hong Kong. This volume offers unique empirical findings about the role that religion and spirituality can play in enabling some male gang members and offenders to transition into a new social sphere characterised by the presence of substitute forms of brotherhood and trust, and alternative forms of masculine status.
Modern Triangle Quilts: 70 Graphic Triangle Blocks * 11 Bold Samplers
Modern Triangle Quilts: 70 Graphic Triangle Blocks * 11 Bold Samplers by Rebecca Bryan
English | January 1st, 2017 | ASIN: B072C5CYKM, ISBN: 1617453137 | 112 Pages | EPUB | 40.03 MB

Ready to take the triangle challenge? Choose from 70 pieced modern triangle blocks and 11 exquisite quilts that wow! Fourth-generation quilter Rebecca Bryan is back-this time with beautiful 3-sided blocks sewn from pieced stripes, chevrons, curves, and more.
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